Hire skilled Tulsa talent

Get highly-trained workers ready to fill your in-demand job openings

Let us help you fill open opportunities with trained workers ready for direct job placement, all for free. We’ve been successfully placing great talent for more than 10 years into positions such as CNC machinists, CDL B drivers, certified nursing aides, medical assistants, and so much more. We work with you to understand your business culture and hiring needs so we can find a great match from the skilled customers in our programs.

We provide no-cost services:

Pre-screening for great employees

WorkAdvance is another way to dramatically reduce the cost of recruiting new employees. We rigorously pre-screen and select individuals based on your needs, ensuring that they have the right work ethic and personality for your business.

Technical and soft skills training

We’ve developed employee-led, fast-track training in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and professional services. View all of our available trainings here.

This free training lets our graduates gain industry-recognized credentials and fill your open positions quickly. In addition, all of our candidates complete career readiness and soft skills training to ensure they will be successful, productive and quality representatives of your business.

We’re always looking to grow our training programming to best benefit the Tulsa community. Reach out if you see additional workforce opportunities that we can add to our training.

Increased retention

Our graduates receive one to two years of free, personalized career coaching. We partner with your HR team to support our graduates, helping them understand workplace dynamics and how to excel in any environment. This helps grow retention and expand your business.

Connect with WorkAdvance

Contact our team to discuss how we can help you access great talent or develop training to grow your business.